Prepare for Summer with a Relaxing Hot Shave

Quite a few fashionable men maintain a healthy interest in facial grooming. If this is one of your personal interests, you know nothing feels better than a fresh and well-deserved shave. For some, a quick trim is almost therapeutic. Whether you’re an old master of facial grooming or a newbie to the process and all of its nuances, the great number of benefits you’ll receive from shaving with a classic straight razor may appeal to you! This simple change in your grooming

routine work wonders, not only for your beard, but for your skin and self-esteem! How, you ask? Keep reading to find out!

A Straight Razor Preserves Your Budget

While today’s disposable razors may seem like the cheaper alternative, they’re anything but in the long run. The key is in the name. ‘Disposable’ means you will need to replace it sooner or later, and while you can buy a large bag to save a few trips to the convenience store, eventually you’ll have to replace that bag once it’s all used up. The same goes for other modern razors, such as the electric varieties. The blades on electric razors eventually dull, leaving you with the job of replacing them, which can add up over time.

When you use a straight razor, you’ll rarely have to worry about replacing the blade, much less the entire instrument! Rather, much of its maintenance relies on you. While there is equipment you’ll need to purchase to take care of your razor properly, these costs ultimately pale in comparison to buying disposable razors or replacement blades several times over the course of one year.

A Straight Razor Is More Effective

In other words, you’ll be able to shave far closer to the shaft with a straight razor than you could with any other variety. Over time, your skin will become used to contact with the razor, allowing you to shave closer and closer without worrying about hurting yourself or aggravating your skin. No longer will you have to deal with stubborn, painful ingrown hairs or bumps.

A Straight Razor Helps You Feel Great!

What could feel better than a professional-quality shave, especially one performed in the comfort of your own home? A well-done, close shave does more than improve your facial features; it allows you to style and carry yourself with the utmost confidence. You already look great, but now you can feel great to match! Furthermore, the trim complimented by a hot towel works miracles on your pores, eliminating the risk of skin problems associated with shaving and creating a sort of therapy that will help you enjoy the shaving process completely.

We hope this article has swayed you to consider giving a straight razor a chance the next time your beard needs a trim. While mastering the use of a straight razor takes time, using it saves your style, your self-esteem, your skin and your pocketbook tremendously in the long run!

To learn more about how you can look and feel greater than ever before, check out Mankind for Men Grooming Services. If you want to pamper yourself or learn more about the benefits of straight razors, their experienced barbers can help you make the switch!

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