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Florida’s Best Summer Resort Memberships

Where could be a better place to vacation than Florida? With its sunny beaches and numerous other attractions for any and everyone, young or old, you’re sure to find something there that suits your tastes! For many, summer is the most popular time of year to visit the Sunshine State because it truly lives up to its name. However, you can’t just plan a trip to Florida on the fly. You’ll need accommodations! To help your trip go as smoothly and enjoyably as possible, we’ve

put together a list of top-notch resorts to stay in while you’re vacationing!

Marriott Harbor

Nestled right in front of the ocean, with an apropos beach on its premises, the Marriott Harbor hotel housed within Fort Lauderdale’s borders is built to be the perfect place to relax and truly enjoy your vacation. It boasts not just a beach, but an attached spa that is approximately 22,000 feet in size. Within the spa, you can treat yourself to any number of luxurious services, enjoy a workout or take a dip in the pool, all while taking in a full view of the ocean from the spa’s windows. In addition to the spa, the Marriott Harbor also houses a seafood restaurant known as the 3030 Ocean Restaurant. If you’re traveling with family, you’ll be pleased to know Marriott has activities for guests of all ages, with special events planned just for your little ones. Everyone will be able to enjoy themselves at the Marriott resort!


There’s no sight more beautiful than waking up to a full view of the ocean. Located right across the street from the ocean and flanked by neat rows of pine trees, the Sonesta boasts a wide assortment of luxuries and a gloriously spacious size. Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by valet services to take care of your vehicle and a vast array of other comforts. The Sonesta is nestled in an area of town filled with attractions, but has a few of its own, including a pool. You’ll be able to catch any number of nearby events or dine out at a fine restaurant, then return to the Sonesta for some well-deserved relaxation or, if you feel like staying in, you can enjoy the hotel’s own restaurant.

Pelican Grand Beach Resort

Much like the Marriott, the Pelican Grand Beach Resort lives up to its name through its pool, indoor spa and many other luxuries. You will also be able to enjoy a grand glimpse of the ocean, which you can enjoy while you partake in room service and relax in bed. The staff at the Pelican Grand Beach Resort is full service, with everything from valets to serving staff.

There are many other accommodations in Florida, but what we’ve selected stands out as a cut above the rest! You’re already going on vacation; why not spend it in complete comfort? To learn more great vacation tips and hotspots, be sure to check out and follow our blog!

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