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Summer 2016 Fashion Trends

Summer will be here sooner than you think! If you’re fashion-oriented and want to stay up-to-date on the latest trends, now’s the best time to get informed. We’ve gathered some of the hottest trends so far, and we’re eager to share them with you. Read on to learn just what they are and how you can join in on them to start the summer in style!

The Chic

  • Flat mules/slippers: These comfortable and versatile shoes will be seen everywhere this summer. There is so much variety in terms of color, shape and texture that you will not be able to resist buying a few different pairs to keep your wardrobe exciting!
  • Plaid: Perfect for summer picnics, this trend involves large patterns and bold colors. Go for blanket trousers or gingham dresses, keeping things easy and breezy. Boldness will continue to be an important trend for summer so be prepared to see in-your-face colors and patterns everywhere. Don’t worry about clashing – this year, the motto seems to be the louder the better.
  • Victorian-inspired: It’s time to bring out the ruffles, puffy sleeves, flowers and high-collar necklines. Fans of Jane Austen will be excited to romp about in floral-covered dresses and flouncy skirts while traipsing through fields. Think of this trend as “new romantics,” with pastels and creams dominating the color palettes and chiffon and sheer covering the textures.
  • The 90s: Finally, our favorite decade is making a comeback. Think oversized shirts and even tracksuits, both of which were seen at recent fashion shows. The florals that work well with the Victorian trend can also work with this style, especially when combined with grunge elements, such as leather or black. to give the look a bit of an edge.
These summer 2016 fashion trends are daring.
Go daring with these summer 2016 fashion trends.

The Daring

  • Lingerie/pajamas: The silkier the better when it comes to this trend. Nightgowns, lace and slip gowns have all been spotted and will continue to be an important addition to your wardrobe this summer. Another place to incorporate florals, ruffles and scallops, this trend can easily go casual or sexy.
  • Bold stripes: Intense color combined with layering makes this a hot trend for summer 2016. The goal with these pieces is to make a statement, but don’t be afraid to go head-to-toe with your boldness! Stripes can be horizontal or vertical, as long as they have that “wow” effect.
  • Spanish: This trend takes the ruffles, off-the-shoulder looks and of course, the RED of Spain and combines them all into one hot look to follow this summer. This is another one of those bold, in-your-face trends that seems to permeate what will be hot in the summer of 2016. Again, don’t be afraid to go head-to-toe with your Spanish flair. There is no room for subtlety here!
  • Sequins/Glitter: It’s time for you to shine bright with yet another bold and flashy look. The great thing about this trend is it’s versatile. You can easily incorporate a small amount of sequins or glitter into your daily wardrobe or go all-out on the weekends for a really daring look. The sequins that have been spotted at recent fashion shows are both small and large, colorful and subtle, classy and loud.
  • Bomber jackets: Perfect for cool summer nights or transitioning from work to weekend, a bomber jacket is an essential addition to your wardrobe this year. Incredibly versatile, this piece can easily go professional or weekend, depending on the rest of your outfit. Don’t be afraid to go with a loud or interesting jacket in addition to the typical solid colors. Like the other trends we have seen, you are invited to go bold with your jacket!

We hope you’ll pull some inspiration from these great trends hitting the scene in 2016! They’re all completely versatile, allowing you to incorporate them in any way that suits your personal style in the best possible way. We’re sure there’s much more to come as the year wears on. As always, we’ll be here to provide you with the latest fashion and lifestyle news.

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