10 Basic Rules of Men’s Fashion

If there’s one thing that frightens me, it’s adult men wearing printed t-shirts underneath formal, unbuttoned shirts.

A short walk through the streets of Warsaw, Poland, is enough to hurt my eyes. I’m not a fashion stylist. Nor am I the most stylish man on earth. This is my first and last take on fashion. Come on guys. You’re not 15 anymore.

Men’s fashion (at least for average men) is really safe and easy. There are only a few basic rules, go by them and you won’t fail. Here are some tips how not to make yourself a moron.

1. Blank t-shirts are better.

Yeah, a life changer. The number of men who don’t realise that simple fact is tremendous. It’s incomprehensible to me. You can’t go wrong with a basic white t-shirt. A blank one. Especially if you want to wear it under a shirt. Extra bonus? It’s cheaper.

You can’t go wrong with a basic white t-shirt. A blank one.

2. T-shirts level 2!

Know the basics? Get your t-shirt play a little higher and choose striped ones. Navy blue and white is a classic choice. It goes great with khaki trousers. Want to pop up? Choose more vibrant colours.

3. Business is formal.

Remember: Business shirts are formal, they’re meant to be kept under your belt. Not untucked, on top and unbuttoned. Especially not with an amazing Avengers t-shirt underneath.

Business shirts are formal. They’re meant to be kept under your belt.

4. No f****** prints on your jeans.

What’s even worst than a printed t-shirt under an unbuttoned formal shirt? Printed denim jeans. Yeah, I saw that today. You don’t look badass man, you know?

5. Knee socks are for girls.

You cold? Then wear long trousers. Don’t pull your socks up to your neck. You don’t look gangsta, you look like a mad dwarf.

Don’t pull your socks up to your neck. You don’t look like the gangsta, you look like a mad dwarf.

6. Don’t tuck in your pants.

Do I really have to explain? Please see above.

7. Don’t tuck your t-shirt into your pants!

It’s not more comfortable. It’s not more stylish. It looks stupid. T-shirts are casual. Do you want to put something more in your pants? Wear a shirt, be more formal.

8. Shirts with short sleeves are for kids.

Basic Rules For Mens Fashion
Basic Rules For Mens Fashion

You’re an adult, right? that means you’re capable of rolling up your shirt sleeves. It looks both stylish and more manly.

Basic rule: Play it safe. If you’re not sure, just ask a woman.

9. Patterns.

Choose timeless patterns. Which ones exactly? It depends on the piece of clothing. I hate striped shirts, but I love horizontal stripes on t-shirts and long sleeves. The most classic wide stripes as well as thin ones.

When it comes to shirts, I prefer a grid pattern. Two colours and white at max. Monochrome gingham grids are the safest choice.

10. Colours.

As with patterns, choose the timeless ones. White is the greatest base. It goes great with Navy blue and khaki. You can also stick to more monochrome scheme and pair it with black and grey.

And that’s it!

Some of my frustrations and some tips. Which one is the most important? Perhaps none but I have one more piece of advice for you guys.

Play it safe. If you’re not sure, just ask a woman.

Thank you for reading this total experiment!

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Tom is a Senior Web Designer at and freelance Product Designer & Art Director at Pixology.

Founder and Lead Creative at Hologram: Digital Design Studio. Music addicted typography lover and video gamer.

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