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When Air Conditioning Just Won’t Cut It: A Few Natural Ways to Keep Cool in Summer

We all know what a struggle it can be to battle against the heat during the summer. Unless you live in an astoundingly chilly place, summer is a time of sweltering sunniness and lots of air conditioning to combat it. However, keeping yourself and your family cool can add up fast—too fast for many budgets to keep up with! Even if budgeting isn’t quite the issue, some people simply don’t have air conditioning in their home or don’t want to rely on it to keep cool.

No matter why you’re forgoing air conditioning, we have a few tips on ways you can stay cool and comfortable without hiking up your utilities!

Recreate Your A/C!

Just because you’re going without air conditioning doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself completely of cool air! You can easily rig it up yourself with a few simple tools. First you’ll need a portable fan. These are both easy to find and cheap, with the added benefit of being able to tote them around wherever you may need. Some even run on batteries for added mobility. Second, you’ll need some source of water, whether it be a bowl filled to the brim with ice water or water bottles, preferably frozen solid before you use them. If you decide on the latter, be sure to include some salt. This will prolong your coolness. Position whatever water source you choose ahead of the fan for a wonderful, soothing mist. For an even more convenient version of this trick, you can buy a premade misting fan!

Try Some Cooling Teas

This tip works in more ways than one! If you’re more into drinking tea, you can always steep a refreshing mug of chrysanthemum tea. It is known for its cooling properties first and foremost, making it an excellent way of staying comfortable in the heat. This holds true no matter the temperature you prefer to drink it with, but we can’t imagine a better way to combat the heat than kicking back with a tall glass of iced tea!

Additionally, peppermint tea can make for a summer time refreshment—no drinking required! Whip up some peppermint tea from the comfort of your kitchen and let it chill overnight in your refrigerator. You can then fill up a bottle’s worth and use it as a mist. The menthol works on your skin in much the same way as enjoying a bowl of minty ice cream, and will provide a pleasant, cooling sensation.

Apply Aloe Vera

You’ve likely already used aloe vera to treat sunburns and/or moisturize your skin. It should come as no surprise that this wonder plant can also keep you cool. Best of all, it can be combined with other cooling ingredients and applied topically to keep you comfortably cool. Try it mixed with your peppermint spray and enjoy the relaxation!

We hope you’ll be able to put these tips to good use this summer to stay as comfortable as possible. For other tips on how to survive this summer, don’t hesitate to explore our blog!

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