Four Ways for You and Your Puppy to Enjoy the Summer!

Just because it’s hot out doesn’t mean you have to spend your days inside, huddled by the air conditioner or that you should! This holds especially true if you’re a dog owner because without an ample amount of exercise, your dog will potentially find more destructive ways to curb its excess energy. Do both yourself and your companion a favor by going out this summer and trying one or more of these unique and fun activities together. It’s a great way to stay cool and bond all at the same time!

1. Go for a Drive

What could be a more classic summer activity than taking a nice drive with your dog through some of the most scenic routes in Ft. Lauderdale? Your dog will love it and, after a bit of time enjoying the view and feeling the breeze sweep against you, you’ll enjoy the ride just as much! Be sure to stay safe during the ride by not letting the windows down too low. You don’t want to risk your dog sticking much more than its head from the car window during the ride.

2. Treat Your Dog (and Yourself) to a Picnic

Picnics aren’t just for human enjoyment! In fact, we think a doggy picnic is much easier to plan. All it takes is tracking down the nearest park, stuffing a basket with a tasty lunch for yourself, as well as toys and a few morsels for your pooch, and heading off! You can spend the entire day together, enjoying your lunch and playing in all the ways your dog enjoys. We can’t think of a better way to soak in some vitamin D and spend quality time!

3. Take a Hike Together

If you’re really the outdoorsy type, a hike might be just the perfect activity for you and your dog to enjoy a day or weekend together! There are all sorts of hiking trails in Ft. Lauderdale for you to sample, enough to fill the summer, if you’re so inclined! No matter what trail you pick, bring lots of water to ensure you and your dog stay hydrated and comfortable. Be sure to take into account your dog’s abilities as you decide on a trail.

4. Head to the Beach

This wouldn’t be a list of Ft. Lauderdale-centric activities if we didn’t include the beach somewhere on this list! This is yet another classic activity to spend with your dog. Your dog frolics in the cool ocean water, then stretches out and sunbathes with you once it’s burned off all that excess energy. Watching the ocean roll back and forth with your content dog at your side is sure to be a relaxing moment.

We hope you and your dog are able to enjoy the summer to its fullest, no matter what you decide to do! For other suggestions on great ways to spend the remainder of the season, feel free to visit our blog.

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