Great Summer Activities for Your Family

Summer is finally here, and now you may find yourself wondering: “How can I maximize my precious summer hours?” This season is the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones, and I have compiled a list of some great summer activities for your family.

Activities You Can Try

  • A day at the park. This is probably the most classic way to spend a beautiful summer day, and best of all, it’s almost always free! This gives you and your family an opportunity to get some exercise and fresh air and maybe even make a few new friends for adults and children alike. The park is also a great space for imaginations to run wild so take time to play, pretend and find your inner child.
  • A picnic. A picnic is wonderful all on its own, but could be especially wonderful when combined with my first tip (a day at the park). This is a great opportunity for learning as well, with the option to discuss healthy eating habits, colors, shapes and where food comes from. Kids will appreciate the opportunity to help pick and pack what goes into the picnic basket. It can also be a much more cost-effective lunch than a stop by the drive thru!
  • Bike ride. There are so many great bike paths throughout the country it shouldn’t be difficult to find a local scenic area for your family to explore. Even a simple neighborhood sidewalk could do the trick! If you have little ones, there are many  options, including tricycles, tandem bikes and pull-behind carriers that are safe for toddlers. Once again, you could combine this activity with options one and/or two for even more fun!
  • Fly a kite. The perfect remedy for a windy day is to fly a kite! Older kids will love the opportunity to run and help the kite take flight, and younger kids will appreciate feeling like they are helping you control the colorful object in the sky. You could even try making your own kites together as a family. Otherwise, there are so many shapes, colors and styles to choose from!
  • Water park/splash pad. When the weather is unbearably hot and you can’t find relief, a trip to a local water park or splash pad is just what you need! Many parks have free splash pads right on the grounds, which is perfect for the budget-conscious family. Other parks offer summertime pool and waterpark memberships, which may be discounted if you happen to live nearby. Make sure to protect your little one’s skin with lots of sunscreen and take frequent breaks to re-hydrate. It would also be fun to bring your picnic to the splash pad!
  • Game night. Inevitably, summer brings at least one rainstorm (maybe many rainstorms, depending on where you live), which means the summer fun has to come indoors. A rainy day is a perfect opportunity for a family game night, whether a board or card game purchased at the store or a game you make up as a family. If you have a variety of ages in your family, consider forming “teams” so the little ones still feel involved without having to understand how to play. Game night creates a great opportunity to talk about winning and losing, good sportsmanship and logical concepts.

There’s More You Can Do!

You don’t have to limit your family’s summer activities to what can be found on this list alone! There’s a much wider range of activities you can try together, all of them fun, stimulating and a perfect family memory in the making! For more tips and advice on family living, feel free to check out the rest of our blog. We’re here to help make life simpler!

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