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Here Are 5 Ways to Plan a Perfect Wedding This Season

For most people out there, there are few occasions more sentimental than a wedding—especially for the bride and groom. Because of the sheer importance, those of you in the midst of planning your wedding may be filled with nerves over the idea of getting everything just right. This is especially important during this time of year when temperatures are at their hottest. Let us take some of the stress off. In this article, you’ll find five suggestions toward crafting a summer wedding you and your loved ones will treasure and remember for years to come!


1. For Food, Go Light and Store Well


It’s hard planning any sort of gathering during the summer simply because food becomes a liability. Our solution? Don’t go too heavy with your offerings. Pick foods people typically enjoy eating this season, like fresh produce and anything you can serve cold. Regardless of any foods you decide on, you’ll want to store them efficiently to make sure they last through the reception. Ask the staff at your reception venue to store and plate your food so it stays as cold as possible.


2. Pick a Shady Venue


Of course we mean shady as in cool, not suspicious! Your guests can’t enjoy your big day if they’re melting under the summer sun. Having a cool spot for your guests to rest in is especially important for outdoor weddings—even more so if the location is somewhere sweltering! Try to have your wedding arranged so that guests will always stay cool in the shade. You could seat them under trees or give them some other source of coolness, like battery-powered fans! Some gorgeous and particularly cool places to consider would be the Sonesta Fort Lauderdale Beach or the Benvenuto Restaurant.


3. Fridge Your Flowers


Your wedding site’s refrigerator will truly be a lifesaver in more ways than one! Letting your flowers sit in the sun wilts them. Until the start of the ceremony you can request your flowers be stored in the refrigerator, where they’ll not only remain cool, but fresh and picture-perfect for when you’re ready to walk down the aisle.


4. Ward Off Bugs


Summer is the time when all of those flying, crawling insects revive, which can put a damper on a wedding. You never want to risk bees making a beeline for the refreshment table or you as you pose for photos! To remedy this, you’ll want to avoid perfumes and excessive amounts of flowers during the ceremony. Storing your food—and especially your cake—in the venue’s refrigerator also cuts down on the possibility of any unwanted guests buzzing around.


5. Heatproof Your Look


We all want the “princess” look, but big and heavy hairstyles will do you no favors during a summer wedding. If you know your hair is vulnerable to heat and humidity, go for subtler hairstyles that sit lower on your head. Additionally, you’ll stay far more comfortable in light, airy fabrics than the heavier, traditional ones. This goes for you and your groom! Neither of you want to sweat out your expensive ensembles and have to scramble to cover up unsightly dark spots.


We hope you’ll be able to use these tips to make your wedding more enjoyable and comfortable for everyone involved! For more tips on amplifying the fun and excitement of your big day, check out the rest of our blog.

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