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Don’t Let These Myths Get in the Way of a Gorgeous Ft. Lauderdale Wedding!

If you’re in the process of preparing for a summer wedding, we tip our proverbial hat to you! Summer weddings are perhaps some of the toughest to plan. The scorching weather is a turnoff for many people, whether it’s the guests or the actual bride and groom. Don’t believe the criticism, however! Summer weddings can be just as beautiful and momentous as any wedding held at any other time of year. Let us dispel some of the most harmful myths so you can enjoy your big day in peace!

The Summer Sun Is Overpowering

“There’s no point in holding an outdoor wedding during summer.” You’ve probably heard someone’s opinion on your wedding date at least once. For many people, the first thing that comes to mind for summer weddings is a cake slumping from its own dissolving weight and guests wearing their finest clothing with a thick sheet of sweat. The good news is this is far from the reality! It is very much possible to have a summer wedding without worrying about the state of your decorations, food and guests throughout the entire celebration. It all depends upon your choices!

For those of you anticipating a big and heavy cake, just be sure to store it properly and keep its exposure to the summertime weather limited. Alternatively, you could pick a main ingredient that’s less likely to turn mushy in the sun.

Pick flower types that thrive in harsh sunlight. Make sure your reception menu is stocked with the tastiest of summer foods for maximum enjoyment. You have more options than you think!

Summer Isn’t for Formal Weddings

Scoff at these naysayers wholeheartedly! You can definitely have a huge fancy wedding during the summer. Again, the choices you make are key. Take the heat into account and pick a fabric you aren’t guaranteed to sweat out of—for both the bride and groom’s parties. Make sure the style of clothing is something breathable as well. Having the world’s airiest fabric won’t matter if it’s covering up your bridesmaids the way winter gowns would!

Summer Weddings Should Only Be Outside

There isn’t such a thing as “should” when it comes to your wedding! Depending on where you live, an outdoor wedding may not be in the cards for you. Sometimes an indoor wedding with lots of air conditioning is the better choice than the sweltering outdoors, especially if your wedding location is somewhere incredibly warm.

Even indoor weddings can have that summer-y vibe if you want to decorate for the occasion! You could opt for an emphasis on the outdoor surroundings by picking a spacious venue filled with windows, or go for a theme reminiscent of the summer. We’re thinking indoor beach parties!

Ultimately, we hope you take away from this article that your summertime wedding depends entirely upon the choices you make, and your options are actually limitless. To learn how else you can make your wedding the best it can be, feel free to visit our blog!

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