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Three Ideas To Get Kids Outdoors

With the advent of video games and other forms of engaging indoor entertainment, getting your kids outside and moving around can be a challenge. After all, it can be difficult enough just getting yourself out and about! While the idea of going out in the middle of summer may not be the most appealing, regardless of age, it will prove beneficial in the long run! Here’s how you can help kickstart your kids into getting out and enjoying the day in an equally fun, “unplugged” way.

1. Take a Walk

Instead of relying on motorized transportation to get to your destination, why not walk wherever you need to go? Of course, we mean this sentiment within reason! If you’re going someplace a half hour away or longer, you’ll definitely want to rely on your cozy, air conditioned car! However, walking is good enough for short distances, provided you bring along plenty of water to keep you hydrated and relatively cool.
If you aren’t up for replacing your car with trekking by foot, you can always substitute it with a trip to a local Ft. Lauderdale walking trail or the park. You can get in plenty of walking in a more controlled environment and even spare some time for extra play while you’re there, especially if you go somewhere with a playground!

2. Reduce the Amount of Time Your Family Spends “Plugged In”

Relaxation is all well and good and a much expected part of summer. However, if your kids won’t necessarily take breaks from their games every now and then, you’ll have to teach them by giving them restrictions on how long they can play video games or do anything else that involves sitting in one spot for prolonged periods of time.

Think about how often your kids sit around and try to reduce it bit by bit. Ideally, you want to cut down this time to about two hours each day; however, it may be unrealistic to expect your child to cut down to this amount of time right off the bat. Consider starting off by encouraging them to invest an hour a day away from their tablet and/or phone and work your way up!

3. Practice What You Preach

There’s no way you can expect your kids to be active when you aren’t active as well. In fact, they may just call you out on it! One of the most well-known aspects of parenting is encouraging your kids to adopt certain habits by demonstrating them on a consistent basis. Once your kids see how fun getting out and getting/staying fit can be, they’ll want to join right along with you! Luckily, healthy living is easy to carry out in Ft. Lauderdale.
With a little time, you and your whole family can spend the summer being healthy and loving the outdoors. Check out our blog for more ideas on how to entertain your family this summer!

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