Five Amazing Makeup Styles for Late Summer

As much as we hate to admit it, summer is on its way to a close. We hardly knew ye! We understand any feelings of wasted potential or loss of free time but don’t let those hard feelings break you up for too long. There are still a few things you can do! For starters, there are all sorts of new makeup trends bursting out and waiting to be tried. Interested? Here are some of the hottest makeup trends hitting the scene this late in the summer.

1. Picturesque Eyes

Think about the sunset. Have you ever considered replicating those colors with your makeup? While they may not look so good on separate parts of your face, they’ve been proven to blend together marvelously on your eyes! Any colors will do, so long as they’re warm and blendable. All that’s left is a bit of mascara, if you’re so inclined, to give the look a bit more oomph.

2. Flesh-Toned Lipstick

By “flesh-toned,” we don’t mean lipstick that’s literally the same color as your skin. You want to look cute, not dead! We’re talking nude shades. Pick a lip color that matches the natural shade of your lips, preferably in matte to help boost that silky and natural look. Coordinate it with softer makeup styles for natural results. You’ll look as if you never even lifted a brush but carry the same confidence as if you’d contoured yourself toward perfection.

3. A Perfect Flush

What could be a better time for a glowy look than when the sun is at its brightest? Again, natural looks are in! The best way to achieve this kind of look, however, isn’t with your best highlighter. Put your strobing days behind you and pick up your natural palettes instead. Pick a color that will make you look adorable and blushy, depending on your skin tone. Just be sure to take your undertones into account as well!

4. Smoky Eyes

That’s right, the smoky eye hasn’t gone out of style yet! What’s better is there are all sorts of color combinations you can use with them. The key is to not be too harsh and to choose colors that complement the season.

5. Shine Bright

Bright eyes are in this season, with respect to your eyeliner and eyeshadow rather than your irises. Invest in warm, bright shades of both to give your eyes some well-appreciated pizzazz. You can pick yellow, red or even metallic gold. The sky’s the limit! For best results, don’t add much brightness to the rest of your face. Instead, stick to subtle applications. This will truly help your eye makeup stand out in the best way.
While summer may be almost over, you can still look cute just in time for fall! We hope these looks will inspire you to carry out the rest of summer to the fullest. Be sure to visit us to learn how else you can enjoy the rest of summer!

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