When Should I See a Dermatologist?

We most often don’t notice it until it’s too late: unsightly, mottled blemishes creeping across our faces, whether raised and oily or like dried out craters. Our first instinct is to do whatever we can to get rid of them. Perhaps the worst part is they can occur at absolutely any age, no matter whether you’re in your mid-30s with a corporate career or 16 and just trying to get through another week of school. Regardless of your situation, a dermatologist can help you transform your skin from finicky to flawless. The trick is going when the time is just right. To help, here are some signs you should see your nearest dermatologist soon.

My Skin Is Tingling

There are few reasons you should feel tingling in any area of your body and not seek some sort of medical help, sleeping limbs and giddiness naturally excluded. Tingling, particularly wherever your skin is concerned, has been dubbed “paresthesia,” and it is the result of your brain and skin failing to communicate properly with one another. The easiest imagery we can compare it to are old, “tube” televisions filled with static. Much like those old TVs failing to pick up a signal and create a picture, your brain cannot read the signals being sent by your skin in response to stimuli.
One of the most common causes of paresthesia, as stated before, is when your foot falls asleep. However, paresthesia can be rooted to a large assortment of other problems, including anything from eczema and other skin conditions to more serious illnesses. You’ll want to get in touch with your nearest Ft. Lauderdale dermatologist as soon as possible should this tingling be accompanied by any kind of rash.

I’ve Broken out Into a Rash

Again, rashes can form from any number of sources, including insect bites, allergies and averse reactions to plants, such as poison ivy. Everyone’s had a rash at some point in their life. Even infants are subject to diaper rash and other itchy discomforts. Depending on the severity of the rash, however, you may see some cause for concern. Check for signs of infection, as well as the general behavior of the rash. A local dermatologist can help you if you find the rash is filled with pus, is crusting over or spreads over time.

My Skin Is Developing Discolored Patches

What controls the color of your skin is referred to as melanin. If you find your skin is becoming too pale or too dark, a disorder of your melanin is the most likely culprit. Why this can occur comes down to a large assortment of conditions, from vitiligo to far more serious ailments, such as liver disease. If the discoloration you’re experiencing is prolonged or worsening, you should contact a South Florida dermatologist post-haste.
These aren’t the only conditions under which you should look for help from a dermatologist. For other ways to take care of yourself, whether it’s with regards to skincare or anything else, pay a visit to our blog!

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