Our Top Four Suggestions for Better Makeup Storage

If you’re an avid makeup enthusiast, you know how quickly you can run out of space for all your products. Such an event ranks as one of the most frustrating things in the world! No one wants to get home from a glorious Ulta haul only to find there’s barely any room left for their new purchases. To help make sure you always have room for your makeup and can better avoid running out of space, we’ve put together a list of some great ways to store your makeup better.

1. On a Silver Platter

Every makeup collector has more than a few products wrapped in the most beautiful packaging imaginable. You deserve to show it all off! If you’re especially artsy, you can also try revamping a frame to create a more decorative piece of storage for your makeup. You can then place your prettiest makeup products on it and set the whole thing somewhere where they’ll be easily visible. You can also buy a simple tray from your closest home decorating store.

2. Transparency Is the Key

Oftentimes we have enough places to put our makeup, but when it comes time to use it, we struggle to remember exactly where everything is! Luckily, this is avoidable. How? Try buying a set of transparent drawers to store your makeup in. That way you’ll be able to see everything you have available and won’t have to waste time while you’re applying your makeup for the day. Best of all, this type of storage unit is incredibly cheap and easy to coordinate with the rest of your room decor. You can even store a few items on the top of the drawer for bonus organization and prettiness!

3. Reuse and Recycle

If you’re on a budget, you can easily create your own storage units. If you have any old, unused jars or similar items lying around, consider using them for your makeup. They can be just as aesthetically pleasing as store-bought storage! We find candle holders to be the best and most beautiful potential method for storing your makeup. You’ll never have to root around for a misplaced brush or eyelash curler ever again!

4. Split Things Up

You could always treat your makeup drawer the way you treat your kitchen drawers: by sectioning off its contents into neat little groups. You can easily buy drawer organizers at your nearest home decorating store as well, all in a myriad of colors to better coordinate with your room! This type of organization tends to work best with smaller collections, however. If you have a sizable amount of makeup on hand, you may want to consider devoting whole drawers to different product categories instead.
We hope these suggestions will make it far easier to store and find your makeup. For other valuable makeup tips and other ways to make life easier, feel free to check out our blog!

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