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Give Your Home a Style Update with These Trends

With summer drawing to a close and autumn just beginning to touch down upon us, now may feel like the best time for a change, whether it’s with your wardrobe or various other personal details in your life. Now is an especially great time to find out what the latest home decor trends are for autumn. Fall will be in full swing before you know it, and with the steady transition of weather and warm fall colors blanketing across every landscape imaginable, you may want your interior to change alongside the winding down exterior you find upon looking outside your windows every day. We at A Time to Shop are here to give you only the best tips and suggestions for rendering your home fresh and new this fall season.

Wall Details

Sometimes it’s the small things that really tie a room together. That is to say, you don’t always need to make big overhauls to your rooms if redecorating is your angle. Wall details currently reign as one of the most popular and subtle home decor trends. We especially recommend them for the more spacious walls in your house because that small splash of visual interest can do wonders to break up the monotony of a long stretch of wall. Wall details are a great alternative or companion to other forms of wall art you may have stashed in your home.

Matte Paint

Flatter looks are also sweeping into massive popularity, replacing metallic paint for fixtures and various similar parts of the home. Of course, you should and can always decorate your home with metallic fixtures if those still look best to you! In fact, metallic and matte pieces can pair wonderfully together, especially as matte paint often features more monochromatic colors. Their flatness can generate tons of visual interest alongside the glossy finish of any metallic paint in your home and can create an appealing home decor trend!

Consider these home decor trends for your bedroom.
Your bedroom can benefit from home decor trends.

Mixing and Matching

So your bedding may feel a little old by now. We understand! Your first temptation may be to find a brand new bedding set and switch over to that one. However, there’s an alternative to easily give you the best of both worlds! Consider combining your bedding, both old and new, or customized and commercial. Like our other suggestions, this can help keep things fresh and visually interesting! Of course, you’ll have to keep your design goggles on to pull this particular trick off. Coordinating your different bedding isn’t a matter of slapping everything together. Think about how the colors pair together. Be sure to pick a combination that looks wonderful to you and still goes along with the rest of your room’s decor, unless your bedroom is next on the list for a complete overhaul!

We hope these home decor trends will give you some valuable ideas on how to beautify your home just in time for fall! A Time to Shop aims to be the number one source for lifestyle tips and tricks, especially within the Fort Lauderdale area. For more, be sure to visit our blog!

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