2016’s Hottest Fall Hair Trends

With fall well over the horizon, you may be longing for a bit of change to match the season. Now that the weather is exchanging its crisp greens for warm oranges, reds and yellows, it’s understandable you may be wanting to harvest some of that same sense of transition within your personal life. Why not start with your hair? It’s one of the easiest parts of yourself to change, and 2016 is brimming over with trends for you to try and fall in love with! Here are some of the best fall hair trends to emerge so far.

1980’s Retro

“Hold on,” you may think, “the ‘80s are retro now?” It certainly may not seem as if that much time has passed, but the ‘80s are simultaneously long gone and back in full swing, at least where your hair is concerned! You can now trade in your neat coif for something a bit wilder, whether it’s a mussed, spiky, layered and long look or thick curls draping past your forehead for a bit of alluring mystique. Some may also appreciate and prefer the big, dramatic swoops associated with the decade. No matter what, you’ll be sure to capture exactly what made the ‘80s so great by keeping up with the fall hair trends this year!

Melting Hair Colors

From ombre to balayage, gradients and more subtle forms of highlighting have long been

Fall hair trends allow for melting colors together.
Melt colors together with these fall hair trends.

on the scene throughout the 2010s. Its newest form is “color melting,” which takes several colors at once and combines them in such a way they flow into each other. Doing this gives your hair color far more volume, allowing it to capture light and glisten in the most gorgeous of ways. Like its previously mentioned cousins, color melting works best if you plan on going from dark to light with your highlighting. However, don’t be afraid to try bolder color choices to find the perfect fall hair trends to fit your style!


Play With Texture

Sometimes all you need is a change of sensation. Whether your hair is naturally bone straight or tight and coily, you may be interested in playing around with its texture to create a whole new you! However, this particular trend is originally aimed toward those with curly and natural hair textures. This trend is also delightfully chemical-free!

Fall hair trends can help you change your hair texture.
Change the texture of your hair with these fall hair trends

The point is to celebrate how our hair naturally grows and to wear it as-is, while also doing our best to maintain its health. That being said, those with straight hair can easily join in with a bit of help from their flat (or curling) iron or, if you can’t avoid chemical intervention, a perm. Regardless, feel free to enjoy your curls as much as you like, whether it’s loose, with elegant accessories or any other manner of styling.


Some people are less interested in fall and want to skip straight ahead to winter. Why not consider doing that with your hair color? “Snowlights” involve streaking a glistening white blonde through your already blonde strands. This helps to create a unique and beautiful sense of body that, like its namesake, will never look quite the same from person to person.

We hope you’ll be able to use these suggestions as a springboard to finding the perfect fall look for yourself! For more fall hair trends and tips and other great ways to style yourself this season or year ‘round, visit our blog!

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