Men’s Fitness: Should You Workout When You’re Sick?

The benefits of a great workout are many, and once you’ve put together a solid routine, it can be guilt-wracking to imagine having to skip any of your workouts, no matter what. However, what if you’re starting to come down with something? If you’re still feeling up to actually working out, you don’t want to waste that entire day, after all. Is there any real risk? According to medical professionals, there may be some actual harm in working out when you’re feeling under the weather, depending on what your specific symptoms are.

For Fevers

Don’t even consider going to the gym if you have a fever! This should go without saying, but the old wives’ tale about sweat helping to get rid of a fever will not hold true in this instance. The only place you belong is at home in bed, with plenty of fluids, rest and Netflix marathons to fill your day. You’re likely already feeling exhausted if you’re suffering through a fever, making the exertion far from worth it. You’re also highly contagious and could easily spread your illness to other gym goers. Give your immune system a chance, skip the gym and head straight to bed until your illness passes.

For the Beginning Stages of a Cold

Many people will ignore or bear with the warning signs of a cold in favor of carrying on with their days. If you’re considering going to the gym while carrying a potential cold, we recommend doing a quick test of your symptoms beforehand. If your only symptoms are sinus-related or a bit of a cough, go ahead and carry on with your workout. As long as your energy levels are solid, going ahead with your workout is perfectly fine. However, if you are nauseous, congested or otherwise far more beleaguered than a normal case of the sniffles would give, take a break and stay in bed.

If you do decide to go to the gym, be sure to pay attention to how you feel and any cues from your body. Ease up on your usual routine if hitting the gym causes your symptoms or energy levels to spiral downwards. You don’t want to burn yourself out and make your illness worse.

After Your Illness Has Passed

Continue to go easy on yourself and pay attention to how you feel. Complete recovery from a common illness, such as the flu, can take weeks, depending on the severity of it. On top of this, if your symptoms were respiratory, your breathing may not yet be at full capacity. Spend the first few days going at a light pace and work your way up steadily. Pushing yourself too hard too early may hurt your recovery.

We hope this guide will help you on those days where you’re feeling under the weather but still want to get in your daily workout. No matter what your decision is, stay safe and bow out once you start getting too uncomfortable. For other health tips like this, check out the rest of our blog!

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