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Five Hottest Summer Styles for Men


Among the flurry of feminine summer fashion posts floating around on our site and the rest of the Internet, fashion-oriented men may feel lost in the shuffle. Well, worry no longer! This post is dedicated to you, and will give you a clear glimpse into what’s hot in the world of men’s fashion this summer.

A Time to Shop men's summer fashion
Men’s Summer Trends

1. Socks and Sandals

The mere mental image of this combination sends most people cringing for understandable reasons! Pairing sandals with socks has long been considered entirely unfashionable and something only perpetuated by tourists and those without any style awareness. Now it’s coming into style, but fashion designers have given this faux pas a much cooler upgrade. Say “goodbye” to plain socks and neon rubber flip-flops and “hello” to socks in more harmonizing colors paired with stylish sandals made from immaculate leather. While it may take some getting used to, you should definitely consider this trend in the near future!

2. Knee Shorts

While this trend has never quite gone out of style, you may associate it more with past trends or with a younger crowd. However, knee shorts are quickly sliding back into relevance. They are designed to match the tighter styles, more common in today’s menswear, but left airy enough to keep you comfortable throughout these sweltering months.

3. Business-Oriented Backpacks

As it turns out, backpacks aren’t just meant for school anymore! If you’re involved with the business world, you can now swap out your bulky briefcase for a slim and stylish backpack to carry around those important documents. Long gone are the bulky shapes you’ve come to expect from backpacks, as well as the less-than-couture plastic material and childlike patterning. Consider toting a designer backpack along to your next business meeting!

4. Neck Scarves

A Time to Shop men's neck scarves
Men’s Neck Scarves

It seems the ascot hasn’t been popular since the age of Scooby Doo, but it’s back this summer and more brilliant than ever! The best part of a neckerchief is the versatility. They can be worn either with a casual sweater, tucked underneath like a shirt collar or arranged into a classic knot like an ascot. You’ll have all sorts of patterns and colors to choose from to pair with any ensemble imaginable!

5. Above Average Baseball Caps

What could be a more classic icon of men’s summer fashion than a baseball cap? These days, they’re not only great for keeping cool, but are considered extremely In and have been for decades. Now the common baseball cap is experiencing a bit of a shift. Instead of being made of traditional cotton or canvas, they’re now being crafted from other fabrics such as animal skins. This new form of baseball cap is designed to be far more versatile and ready to wear no matter the situation!

While these trends are certainly hot, they aren’t all you can expect to emerge this summer, or even the rest of the year! Visit us at our blog to stay “in the know” about the best of men’s fashion this year.

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