Now May be the Best Time to Buy Ft. Lauderdale Real Estate!

Have you ever considered moving to Ft. Lauderdale? Evidence suggests this year signals the start of a real estate boom in the Floridian city unlike anything ever seen before. The city is currently developing at an astonishing rate and catching up to its more popular sibling, Miami, in terms of all there is to see and do. If you’re looking for a change of scenery, Ft. Lauderdale may be just the perfect place for you for a myriad of reasons.

Why Is This Boom Occurring?

In the case of Ft. Lauderdale, economic and housing prosperity go hand-in-hand. Within the past few years, the city has experienced rapid growth not just in its amount of nautical opportunities, but also in the realms of technology and culture. As a result, visitors are traveling from around the United States and beyond to gain a glimpse of everything Ft. Lauderdale has to offer.

The city’s becoming a competitor to Miami both because of its attractions and its housing costs. Compared to Miami, Ft. Lauderdale is proving to be much cheaper to live in with housing of the same quality, meaning those looking for attractive places to live are picking Ft. Lauderdale as one of their top places to settle.

Where Are People Settling?

These areas are currently attracting Ft. Lauderdale newcomers the most:

  • North Beach: Otherwise known as the city’s north side, you’ll find quite a lot of new housing sprouting up all over the area. It is already brimming with hotels, and now more permanent lodging is making its way into the area, meaning those coming to North Beach for the attractions can look forward to enjoying them permanently. Developers plan to do everything they can to make the area as appealing and trendy as possible for newcomers.
  • Riva: 15 stories high and full of potential, you can find the Riva condominium on North Federal Highway. This newest housing is for those inclined toward luxury. Not only is its height and location appealing, but the special accommodations for boaters and a terrace allocated just for its residents, outfitted with a beautiful view of river scenery and beyond, make it one of the most attractive areas.
  • Ocean Resort Residences: Much like Riva, the Ocean Resort Residences are for those interested in trends and boundless luxury. Its $400K+ price tag is the proof! In this complex you’ll find suites of all types, from penthouses to more standard apartments. Residents will be able to enjoy on-site grocery shopping of the finest caliber, a spa and much more. It’s like a forever home and resort vacation combined!
  • Auberge Beach Residences and Spa: The Auberge Beach Residences are another work in progress, but are already selling out fast. Though the residence won’t be ready for moving in until the year 2017, one of the towers is nearly booked with buyers. Who can blame anyone for snatching up this housing quickly when it’s so close to the ocean and boasts all sorts of pampering amenities?

What we’ve detailed here isn’t all that Ft. Lauderdale will have to offer as far as housing, but it’s some of the finest examples we’ve witnessed so far! Visit us to learn how else you can enjoy Ft. Lauderdale to its fullest.

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