South Florida Landscaping 101

We know, we know. Seeing an article about gardening at the beginning of fall may seem incredibly out of place and more befitting for the springtime, but hear us out! Fall is still as great a season as any to do a bit of touching up on your garden, provided you know the right plants to cultivate. We’ve put together this guide to help you learn how south Florida landscaping can make your yard look great throughout the entire year!

Annual Plants

First thing’s first, we should clarify the difference between annual and perennial plants so you can have a better idea about your south Florida landscaping duties. Many people see these terms in the gardening section of their local shopping center but have no idea what they mean. This leads to buying plants without truly knowing what kind of care to give them or what to expect from their growing patterns.

Annual plants are the more short-lived variety, lasting for just one season alone before dying. Some of these plants include many flowers, such as impatiens and zinnias. In terms of plants native to the state of Florida, you’ll be hard pressed to find annual species.

The most common annual plant you’ll find in the Sunshine State is the Tickseed—ironically, the representative wildflower of our state. These gorgeous and delicate yellow and orange blossoms are great for adding a pop of color and state pride to your yard but only bloom throughout the summer months, making them a bad match for fall gardening. If you’re looking for annual plants to add a bit of variety to your yard or garden each season, consider black-eyed susans, chrysanthemums, violas and pansies.

Perennial Plants

If annual plants live for only one season, perennial plants are just the opposite. They last for several years, though they don’t bloom as intensely as annual plants. To make the most of perennial plants, it’s good to have a wide variety planted around your yard. Some notable perennial species include daylilies and roses, which are common additions to yards across the United States.

The vast majority of plants native to the state of Florida are perennial, no doubt thanks to Florida’s naturally warm and balmy climate. This ensures you’ll have a wide variety of options to choose from to beautify your yard or garden and fine-tune your south Florida landscaping! We suggest rain lilies, leather ferns, goldenrods and swamp sunflowers, for starters. Be sure to research any plants you intend to use for your garden so you know their blooming patterns and can plan well enough to keep your garden blooming and thriving throughout the year, whether perennial or annual!

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