Keeping Your Backyard Mosquito Free

While your calendar may say it’s fall, the weather has yet to get the memo. Many areas across the United States are still dealing with inordinately warm temperatures, and with these temperatures come many of the insects and other critters that thrive in the heat. Unfortunately, this also includes the much-hated mosquito. Try as you might, these nasty little bloodsuckers will never completely go away. However, there are a few things you can do to help create a mosquito-free backyard. Here are some suggestions!

Rely on the Pros

Sometimes there’s no better way to get something taken care of than to take advantage of the vast array of professional extermination services dedicated to this cause. This is especially useful if your area has a severe mosquito problem you know you won’t be able to tame on your own or if you otherwise don’t want to handle the dirty work yourself. The good news is there are many affordable options for this method and the work of professionals indeed proves potent. A mosquito spraying company has the tools to attack mosquitos as larvae, as well as in their even peskier adult form. With the use of a professional stock of pyrethroid spray, you’ll find the mosquito population in your yard dropping more like flies!

Don’t Trust Moisture

It’s a well-known fact mosquitos thrive in the presence of water. Naturally, this means getting rid of any open sources of standing water present in your yard, whether this is a pool, a leftover puddle or a benevolent little bird fountain. Invest in covers for your water-holding outdoor decor if you need, especially if you don’t want to empty them altogether. Most importantly, you don’t want to miss any of the lesser-known sources of standing water! Rain barrel owners, for instance, may assume they’re safe because the barrel is naturally covered. Not true! You’ll also want to invest in some sort of drip oil container to make things extra secure. Make sure your gutters and other outdoor plumbing are absolutely clean as well. Mosquitos will use any bit of standing water they can find to continue their nefarious life cycle so you want to take any measure you can to ensure you have a mosquito-free backyard.

Clean Up!

Eliminating your water problem and spraying around doesn’t entirely mean you’re out of the woods as far as having a mosquito-free backyard. If you’ve put off cleaning up your yard, now’s the time to do it. Any excessive natural clutter, such as leaves or shaved grass, can serve as a convenient breeding ground for mosquitos. You don’t want to give them a single chance to thrive in your yard if you can help it, which means you should keep your yard as thoroughly clean as possible until summer finally and completely dies down.

Ultimately, a mosquito-free backyard creates a happy household able to enjoy the outdoors without risk of itching or even disease. If you’re plagued by these tiny pests year after year, consider following our suggestions and reclaiming the outdoors. For other tips on how to improve your home and life, visit our blog!

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