How to Care for Your Hair this Winter

Your hair has likely been recuperating from the sun, saltwater and chlorine abuse it received during the summer. Now winter is here and your hair really needs your undivided attention.

You’ve probably noticed you need to water your houseplants more often during the winter due to the low humidity and the electric heating in homes and office buildings. Well, your skin, scalp and hair are also parched and need some serious hydrating! Here are four ways to combat dryness this winter.

1. Humidify

The cells in your skin (and scalp) are trying to suck in every available drop of moisture in the air – and there isn’t any! Place a humidifier in your bedroom so the moisture emitted will penetrate your skin, scalp and hair while you sleep. You’ll also be able to breathe more easily, and the plants in your home will love it too.

2. Use Topical Moisturizers

Your scalp and hair need moisturizing along with your face and skin. For fine, flyaway hair, try using an anti-frizz cream on just the ends. Severely dry hair needs regular conditioning and the occasional overnight pack. Try using nature’s beauty products, such as shea butter and coconut or olive oil.

Your hair picks up an electrical charge from the dry air. Further, wearing a woolen cap and scarf creates even more static. Keeping hair conditioned will help prevent this. Every time you put on hand cream, touch the ends of your hair to deposit a bit of moisture where it’s needed most.

3. Upgrade Your Diet

We all know our skin is nourished from the inside out. Make sure you are getting protein in your diet at least twice a day. Also, add oils into your diet. The women who live along the Mediterranean have a glow to their skin and a diet that includes olive oil. Consume healthy, non-saturated fats, such as fish, olive oil, nuts and avocados, for skin that glows and a add beautiful sheen to your hair.

4. Treat Your Hair to a Vacation

The dry winter months are a good time to give your hair a rest from the usual ways we abuse it and a good time for a little extra pampering.

  • Avoid hair products with chemicals, such as high alcohol content, and shampoos that contain sulfate.
  • We may be applying more lotion to our face and body during the winter, but we tend to neglect our scalp! After shampooing, massage a hair oil into your dry, itchy scalp and leave it in as long as possible.
  • Shampooing less often will prevent your hair from drying out too much. Use a dandruff shampoo if needed because dandruff flakes can trap oil at the roots.
  • When you do shampoo, avoid using excessively hot water, which is drying to hair. Rinse in tepid or even cold water for smooth, shiny hair.
  • Get regular trims every six to eight weeks to help reduce split ends.
  • During the winter, avoid perms or color products that contain peroxide or ammonia.
  • Switch to a hairstyle that allows you to hang up your heat appliances for a few months. If you must use a hair dryer, switch to a lower heat or use the cool setting.
  • Because your hair is more dry and brittle in winter, avoid over-brushing. Comb hair gently, especially when wet, with a wide-tooth comb.

Hydrating your entire body (including your scalp) during the winter will do wonders for your hair. And don’t forget to drink plenty of water!

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