Romantic Dinners for Stay-In Date Nights

For some couples, the height of romance can be found staying home away from dining crowds. A nice candlelit dinner for two and a bottle of wine can create the perfect atmosphere to enjoy one another’s presence without intrusion. Here are a few elegant dinner entrees or add-ons created to enhance your special dinner for two.

Spice It Up with Thai Tofu

Tofu by itself can be rather boring, even though it’s loaded with protein. However, tofu can be dressed up a lot with some flavorful additions. Prepare tofu for your main course by marinating it in some Curry paste (Thai Red), a bit of sugar and a small amount of Asian Fish sauce. Let it marinate and absorb these flavors for about 15 minutes prior to cooking it. Then serve it with a side portion of either snap peas or tender green beans.

Breakfast for Dinner

Ever thought about baking eggs in the oven? It can be a simple, but elegant way to prepare breakfast for dinner. Each egg is cracked and placed into a small ramekin, then add a tab of butter, a bit of cream and the fresh herbs of your choosing. Bake the eggs slowly at 350 degrees. This will keep the eggs intact without becoming rubbery. You and your significant other will enjoy silky egg whites and soft yolks.

Broiled Salmon and a Side Salad

Before broiling the salmon, add a little bit of wasabi. This will add a nice, fiery flavor to this favorite fish dish. Brush the filet with some soy sauce and a bit of lime juice. By broiling the salmon filet, it will cook quickly, usually about 10 minutes is all it needs, and it will be flaky and moist. Serve the salmon on a side of rice and add a fresh green salad with dressing. This is a simple meal with a fancy taste to enjoy as a couple.

Top It off with a Chocolate Panini

Nothing says “romance” like chocolate. Add the perfect finishing touch to your romantic dinner with a chocolate panini. It is best if you use challah bread, but it can be made using any kind of bread. Make this panini dessert by placing semisweet chocolate between two pieces of bread, then put it in a waffle iron or a panini press and cook it until the bread is toasted and the chocolate is melted. They can also be made on a regular grill cooking alternative sides until golden brown. Sprinkle the finished dessert with a little bit of powdered sugar for a nice, sweet touch and visual appeal.

Enjoy these simple dinners and desserts for couples. They are easy to create as you enjoy a nice romantic evening together.

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